Keynote Fun

Our Grade 5 teachers took an opportunity to share their newfound skills they learnt in the Apple Teacher Learning Centre with their classes.

Cooking Show

Our Grade 3 learners directed and starred in their own cooking show. They revised some iMovie skills in order to make their oral video. They showed great creativity! Everyone CAN create!

Going Wild in Grade 2

This is a small snippet of the Grade 2 PBL they created. They had fun learning some basics of Keynote and sharing their designs on campus.

Apple Teacher Encouragement

We make sure we celebrate our teachers! This video was made by an Apple Teacher in 2019, to showcase other Apple Teachers on campus and to encourage others to complete their badges.

Grade 3 Robotics

Join Hope, as she tells you about the fun she has with her friends and teacher in their weekly Robotics lessons.

Sampling with GarageBand in Grade 7

Our Grade 7s learned to sample their own songs and submitted their creations to the Apple Excellence in Education Awards.


Animation is a much loved creative expression. Have a look at some of the amazing designs made by our Secondary learners in our Animation Utility.

Rhythm at Home during lockdown

Interview yourself at home making music and designing visuals!

3D Printing

Our 3D Printers are used on every campus giving our learners opportunities to invent, create and test their ideas and prototypes.

The Show Must Go On! During Lockdown

The Show Must Go On

Our Grade 8 learners together with our Creative Arts Team reached out to the Artists in our community and experienced what is was like to plan an Arts festival online.

The Show Must Go On with Siv Ngesi

Our Grade 8s interviewed one of our Alumni, Siv Ngesi - a prominent South African comedian - above is the promo video.

The Show Must Go On with Zolani Mahola

Grade 8 learners interview Zolani Mahola from South African Band Freshly Ground during hard lockdown. After this session our learners were invited to help Zolani write her new song in a collaboration between Zolani and Parklands in our studios.

The Show Must Go On with Dave Scott

Grade 8 learners interview Dave Scott from South African Band The Kiffness during hard lockdown.