Simple Learning Time

Released April 2016

Parklands College Learners Release Simple Learning Time on the iTunes App Store. (2016)

In 2016 two Parklands College learners, Stephan Cilliers (Grade 10) and Luke Bowles (Grade 9) spent three months developing an app called Simple Learning Time in collaboration with two Junior Preparatory teachers in order to help teach Grade one to three learners how to tell the time. The teachers requested this App when the application they were using disappeared from the App Store.

Simple Learning Time is a free educational app that has both a digital time and analogue clock display. Students can move the hands of the clock to display different times of the day in both 24 hour and 12 hour time formats. A rotating background indicates whether it is night or day. This can be used in many fun ways in the classroom.

Parklands College runs numerous programmes to develop entrepreneurial and real world skills in its learners. Our Mobile Application Development incubator, MAD Studios, houses one of these programmes and teaches learners how to research and identify a need in a market, come up with ideas for an app to address the need, develop the app and release the app on the Apple App application store.

This is part of a Parklands College and Christopher Robin Pre-Primary initiative to teach learners how to solve real challenges by developing relevant commercial and educational applications for the global market.