Released February 2014

Parklands College Studios Learners Release their First Album on Apple iTunes Store

In February 2014, Parklands College Studios released its first Digital Album on iTunes called "ORIGIN Vol. 1". Origin is a collection of songs recorded and produced by Parklands College learners utilising PARKLANDS COLLEGE STUDIOS ("PCS"). This is a ground-breaking film and sound recording studio at the College.

The purpose of the studios is three fold. Firstly to provide our learners with an environment where they can explore and discover sound, film and new media. Secondly to teach them new skills that can be incorporated into any subject and thirdly to extend our offerings in an effort to help our learners identify their passions whilst still at school.

Equipped with the latest technology, the studios offer opportunities for learners to learn media recording and production skills as part of the Sound Engineering, Film and Animation courses on offer. These courses are held during the academic day and are part of our experiential learning programme, where learners use industry standard equipment and software, as well as develop real world skills. This facility has given our music learners the chance to experience working in all aspects of a professional studio environment and our sound engineer's experience in mastering and mixing music.

Due to the extraordinary talent at the College, what started out as small individual sound projects has blossomed into a great collection of world class material. This album will become the first of many and will fall under the project name “Project Sound Reach”. The proceeds of the album will fund the further development of the studios, as well as the recording of local, unknown, original talent, that will be included on future albums.