(Released February 2020)

Parklands College Matric learner releases his new game, “Chaos.” on the Apple App Store

in 2018, Keagan Strydom, the lead developer of the Parklands College & Christopher Robin Pre-Primary Mobile Application Development Incubator (“MAD Studios”), released a new game on the Apple App Store called “Chaos.”. Keagan used Apple’s Swift programming language and Apple’s integrated development environment (XCode) to build and develop the game.

Chaos.” is a game about focus with a single but simple game mechanic. Tap to change directions and collect the light fragments. Move in an endless space, but beware, it's dangerous as it’s filled with chaotic elements. Immerse yourself in the music, stunning visuals and simple gameplay.

“This was a project for me to better my game development and coding skills. I think it's important with anything you make, to add your own creative touch to it. The music and visual aspects of the game went beyond anything I have ever built before.”, said Keagan.

“MAD Studios” is a Parklands College and Christopher Robin Pre-Primary initiative to develop learner entrepreneurs who can solve real world problems by developing relevant commercial, educational or fun applications for the global market.