Parklands College learner creates “Mini-Cricket” Scoring App

In 2020, Keagan Strydom, the lead developer in the Mobile Application Development Incubator at Parklands College learners released a new App on the Apple App Store called “Mini-Cricket”. The idea for this App came from the Preparatory head of sport who was looking for a way to electronically score mini-cricket matches. Future plans are to integrate Mini-cricket match score sheets into a cloud based database so that future talent can be highlighted and identified from an early age.

"I was very excited to get involved with this project as I played mini-cricket during my time at the pre-primary side of the college. I started off my researching and brushing up on the rules. I got into active discussions with my IT teacher and father about the app. I designed a visual view of the cricket pitch, like on TV, because I wanted it to feel like a live cricket game and it’s a format that coaches will be comfortable with using on the iPad. It’s an easy way for coaches to manage their teams, players, matches and statistics. I try to learn as much as possible with every project I am involved in by constantly researching the best practices and architectural concepts." said Keagan.

Keagan used Apple’s Swift programming language and Apple’s integrated development environment (XCode) to build and develop this App.