ScanMe & AttendMe

In July 2020, Keagan Strydom, the lead developer in the Mobile Application Development Incubator at Parklands College, released two Apps on the App Store called AttendMe and ScanMe. The AttendMe app generates QR codes on request by learners and staff. The QR codes are scanned by the ScanMe iOS app. Together these Apps provide a COVID-19 sensitive attendance system that removes the need for staff and learners to use touch based biometric systems for registers.

The learners clock in-and-out of school by showing a generated code to a central iPad on campus running ScanMe. This means it is a contactless system to clock in and out. All the learner must do is download the app and sign in.

To ensure learners are actually at school, location based services are used to see if the QR was generated within 50 metres of the scanner and each code expires after 5 minutes. As it has location services, let say a learner, from home, sends his a screenshot of his code to another learn who is already at school. The code would be invalid as it was generated at the first learner’s house and therefore not mark the learner as present at school.