Simple Learning

Released February 2016

Parklands College Learners Release Afrikaans Simple Learning App on the Apple App Store.

Parklands College runs numerous programmes to develop entrepreneurial and real world skills in its learners. Mobile Application Development is one of these programmes. This programme teaches our learners how to research and identify a need in a market, come up with ideas for an app to address the need, develop the app and release the app on the Apple application store and finally to market it.

In 2015 six of our learners (L-R above), Findlay Smith, Hendrik Smuts, Stephan Cilliers, Adam Knoesen, Dylan van Heerden and Emile Tredoux, under the guidance of Dr. Jakkaphan Tanguampien (centre) identified the need for a basic Afrikaans soundboard app that teaches simple vocabulary and pronunciation. They released our first free learner developed app, called Simple Learning Afrikaans, on the Apple App Store in February 2016. It is currently being used in Parklands College Grade one classes. Future plans include increasing the number of words being taught in the application as well as developing other educational titles such as Simple Learning Maths.

This is part of a Parklands College and Christopher Robin Pre-Primary initiative to teach learners how to develop relevant commercial and educational applications for the South African market.