Weather Forecast

Clara-Marie Vosloo


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Veer Atwaru


Yaseen Salie


Ruby Nieuwstadt

Science Experiment

Matthew Smith

Drought Plans

Zelda Deiner

Weather Report

Nour Elnaggar

The Black Hole

Darshan Sooful

An African Elephant

Kiera Shelton

Saving the Worlds Oceans

Alexandra Bradley Dull

The Determined Penguin

Callum McKechnie

Jerald the Imagining Snake

Ethan Curko

Greed or Freedom?

Kayla Beharee

Man vs Beast

Dante Balona

Shelly the Turtle

Michaela Greyvenstein

Millie the Penguin

Tamlyn Greyvenstein

The Giraffe

Thaliya Moodley

Leo the Lion

Thiyane Diamond

The Life of George the Gorilla

Uminathi May

Morgan Santos, Leah Mostert and Karla Joubert

The Bank Heist

Reuben de Klerk, Matthew

Interviews with Plenza

Dristhi Ramkelawan and Naeha Naidu

The Silly Hunters

Ethan and Tyler

The Masks on the Wall

Hasna Patel and Teneal Moodley

Table Mountain Adventure

Afia and Isabel Lopez Gomez

Paranormal Activity

Stephanie K